For most of French history royal marriages were more about convenience than l‘amour. And so too started the relationship of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.

She was all of 14 years old when she was married off to the dour and ever so serious Louis-August. He himself was only 15. The reason for the match was quite simple: to strengthen ties between Austria and France.

Despite the fact that he was more interested in his collection of clocks and padlocks, her patience was rewarded and his libido was sufficient enough to enable her to fall pregnant and bear children four times. But it took seven whole years before the first child arrived. The other three followed in fairly quick succession.

Perhaps it was because Marie Antoinette’s mother had sent her brother Joseph to find out what was going on. He described them as “complete blunderers” in bed, but his straight talking obviously produced results.

Despite Louis’ lack of desire, Marie Antoinette stood by her man throughout their marriage (helped by having one or two dalliances on the side). And when the French revolution came she walked to the guillotine with her head held high.

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